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School Improvement Plan

Vulture Peak has an active leadership team that is dedicated to making school improvements and looking out for students' benefits. The latest development is the 2015-2016 School Improvement Plan inspired by the district and school's vision for student education.


The Vulture Peak School Improvement Plan will include strategies for improvement in four key areas:

  • School Culture
  • Curriculum/Academics
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Parental/Community Involvement


Based on these four areas of improvement, we made some goals. We want to:

     1. Improve the school culture.
     2. Improve curriculum and academic programs.
     3. Improve teacher effectiveness
     4. Improve parental and community involvement.

You can check out our fully documented School Improvement Plan and we welcome you to ask us any questions. Or better yet, give us some input and suggestions. Your involvement with this plan actually helps us achieve our fourth goal. We love your participation and feedback and encourage you to join our efforts!

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